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Environmental Credentials

At Aztec Print we take our environmental impact very seriously. We are always introducing new ways of reducing our impact in our activities.

All our paper supplied is environmentally friendly, which means that every sheet of paper can be traced back to its source.

Our Ink - All ink is vegetable based ink using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). We also provide pantone colours using vegetable based inks.

Our Printing Press - The Heidelberg DI 4 colour press is one of the lowest carbon footprint presses on the market. There is no need to use chemical or metal plates as it enables us to send your artwork direct to the press from the design studio.

We maximize the paper sheet size for your order - keeping costs down for the customer and minimizing waste. Any large pieces of paper that can be recycled goes to our local playgroups and schools for them to use.

Any packaging that comes into Aztec Print from our suppliers is always re-cycled and reused.

Here at Aztec Print we take our environmental impact seriously. With this in mind, when looking for a new four colour press in June 2009 - the environmental impact of the press was one of the highest factors in the decision making of which press to purchase. Aztec Print chose the Heidleberg DI464 which is one of the lowest carbon footprint and impact presses available on the market.

We have an internal waste management system in place, which enables us to maximise the paper usage, thus reducing waste, any paper off cuts are given to local primary schools for their art classes, slim cuttings are taken for recycling.

Energy and Housekeeping

All our energy is recorded and monitored. All light fittings within the company have been re-wired and changed to environmentally friendly bulbs with low emission and are energy saving.

When the new offices were built in July 2008, all walls were insulated, all wood was obtained as FSC Accredited, all furniture is FSC Accredited and all products - cleaning are environmentally friendly - even down to the toilet paper we use!

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